6-Week Live Online Strategy Workshop

Starting on June 18, 2021

Conducted by: Saleem Sufi

Strategies for CFOs and Finance Leaders

How to Lead Finance in 21st Century

6 Live Sessions | 6 Online Tutorials | Total 18 Hours

Equivalent to 3 Full Day Workshop


Starting on 18 June 2021

Every Friday 4:00 - 6:00 PM Dubai Time

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For your career success, business acumen is not enough. You must develop a deep insight into the business model, innovation, customer value creation, and enterprise performance management. To deal at the Board level, you must grasp a deep insight into your business strategy.


You need leadership skills to implement strategy. Leadership is about habits. In order to work with people across the organization, you must have communication skills, emotional intelligence, personal branding and your influence.


No matter how talented you are, in today's world if you are not digitally literate, you are considered obsolete. Technology is no more a separate function. Now it is involved everywhere and the strategy knowledge without technology awareness is useless.

Start Your Leadership Journey Now!


One-time Price