Future of Work Summit 2019

24-25 June, 2019 | Manhattan, New York


Strategy & Leadership Event

A High-Energy, High-Engagement Event

with Highly Interactive Sessions

Glimpses of CFO Strategy and Leadership Summit 2018

at the Roda Al Bustan Hotel, Dubai


24-25 June, 2019

Executive Conference Center

1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019


Day 1: Monday, 24th June, 2019

8:00 am

Welcome Address - Why are we here?

by Saleem Sufi, President, MECA CFO Group

8:30 am

A Peek into the Future of Workplace

by B.J. Taylor, Head of HR, Tyson Inc.

9:00 am

Collaborating with Machines to Maximize Value Creation

by David Nordell, CIO, Hathaway Communications

9:30 am

Surviving in a Culture of Rapid Automation - Case Study: Amazon

by Alumni Team of MECA Strategic CFO Program

10:30 am

Redefining the 'Work' for Humans in Future

by Syed Khalid Noor, Head of HR, Novartis Pakistan

11:00 am

Emotional Intelligence: Your Secret Weapon to Becoming Future-Proof

by Lisa Ryan, CEO, Ryan Leadership Strategies

11:30 am

Finding Your Place in a Gig Economy - Empowering the Self Employed

by Mike Walker, Director, F. Cunningham Associates

2:00 pm

Developing Adaptability, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Group Activity moderated by Syed Khalid Noor & Team

3:00 pm

A Model of a Modern Organization - Case Study: Netflix

by Alumni Team of MECA Strategic CFO Program

4:00 pm

Sharing the Experience - Personal Stories

by Individual Participants

6:00 pm


Day 2: Tuesday, 25th June, 2019

8:00 am

Life Beyond Corporate - Re-Starting a New Career

by Sheti Patel, Partner, Big Rock Group

9:00 am

How to Remain Relevant in a Fast Changing World

by Ehab Gibrali, Managing Partner, Learn to Earn

9:30 am

Packaging Your Personal Brand as a Strategic Leader

by Gary Jorden, Wall Street Search Inc.

10:15 am

Creating a Culture of Intensity - Case Study: Tesla

by Alumni Team of MECA Strategic CFO Program

11:00 am

Life-Long Learning Model: A Blue Ocean Approach in Executive Education

by Saleem Sufi, Founder, MECA CFO Academy

12:00 pm

Working Remotely: From Working in Office to Working in Cloud

by Neil Sakrani, Chief Design Architect, Grow Technologies

2:00 pm

Our Changing Roles with Emerging Technologies

Group Activity moderated by Simon Jared, CFO, Jabron Capital

3:00 pm

Reinventing the Culture: From Steve Balmer to Satya Nadella - Case Study: Microsoft

by Alumni Team of MECA Strategic CFO Program

4:00 pm

From Employee to Becoming an Entrepreneur - A Career Change Option

by Mike Stevenson, SVP, B.J. Treasury Services

4:30 pm

Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Integration

Group Activity moderated by Zia Mustafa and Saleem Sufi

5:30 pm


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