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Your Career Breakthrough Strategy in a Tight Job Market

What It Takes To Become a CFO


with Saleem Sufi

High Performance Academy with Brendon Burchard

Saleems Inner Circle

12 Month Career Development Program for Finance Professionals

This leadership program has been designed you to take you to the C-Suite on a fast track. Through multiple coaching sessions each month on a wide variety of leadership topics, you are steadily developed to assume senior level corporate responsibilities. See more…

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What it Takes to Become a CFO

12 Week CFO Leadership Development Program

In this intensive 12 week program you are coached and trained on three dimensions of the CFO leadership; Personal Leadership, Public Leadership & Strategic Leadership covering the 12 competencies that are essential for today’s CFOs.

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MECA Mastermind

10 Month Top Leadership Program

MECA Mastermind is designed to take you among the top 10% of C-Level corporate leaders. The program involves intensive study and practice of several top tier leadership models and frameworks. Program requires several one-on-one sessions with the Master coach.

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Strategic CFO Program

24 Week Strategy Program for Senior Finance Professionals

This strategy focused program transitions you into a business strategist to qualify for the role of a strategic CFO in a strategy driven organization. It requires study and practice of several strategy models practiced by world class companies with the help of case studies.

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